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We hated Ronan but he's bounced back

I was listening to the Strawberry Alarm Clock on 104FM some weeks ago. They had decided to play a trick on Ronan Keating, and one of the broadcasters was pretending to be a film agent.

As he massaged Keating's ego during the phone call (with Keating unaware that this was a set-up), things took a turn for the worse. The "agent" started to suggest that there was one thing wrong with Keating's look -- the shape of his head.

It was such a brilliant conversation, because the agent got progressively more offensive to Keating. Meanwhile Ronan never hung up. The worse the agent got, the more steely and resilient Keating got. I was waiting for Keating to completely lose the head, he'd have been within his rights to do. But he didn't. He fought and came out the better. Ronan Keating never gives up. His work for his charity the Marie Keating Foundation, which came about after the death of his mother, has been going strong now for 13 years. Many would like to do something special after losing a loved one, but his continued commitment to this foundation is remarkable.

He had a very public affair last year. He went on to the Late Late Show and was let off royally by Tubridy, who didn't feel it was appropriate to bring his private life into the show.


We hated him for making such a fool of Yvonne, and we didn't know what way their relationship would go.

And then last weekend, there he was at the Irish Sea. He had just swum 56 miles to raise money for Cancer Research, and Yvonne had her arms wrapped around him -- so proud and full of love.

Whatever you think of him and his music, you cannot deny that this boy is a grafter. He won't give up.