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We fell in love on RTE ... now we're getting married

THEY were hoping to win the trip of a lifetime and ended up finding love, all thanks to their good deeds.

It was a match made in heaven for TV couple Carol Leonard and Johnny Finnegan, who are preparing to walk down the aisle three years after meeting on an RTE show.

The happy couple first met as contestants on reality TV show, Do The Right Thing in 2010, which saw men and women from all over Ireland competing to win a year-long volunteering trip abroad. After winning the gruelling show presented by Lucy Kennedy and Baz Ashmawy, Navan native Johnny and Offaly woman Carol set off on the trip, not expecting that they would end up spending the rest of their lives together.

More than three years later, the couple are finalising their wedding plans, which will take place in Athlone on May 3. Engineer Johnny (31) described his time abroad, which included working in Ghana, India and Thailand, as "the best year of my life".

"We spent a year volunteering together after winning the show and went to Ghana for three or fourth months, and then on to India before finishing off in Thailand," he told the Herald.

"I didn't know Carol before we went away and we had respective partners when we were on the show.

"But we were unattached when we went away in January 2011, and not long after that we got together."