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We escaped storm flood crisis by just two hours

COASTAL areas in Dublin city escaped flooding by just two hours, council bosses have revealed.

Dublin City Council said the factors which would have more than likely led to flooding did occur, but happened 120 minutes apart last Monday.

The local authority insisted the preventative actions it took in advance of a predicted tidal surge were warranted.

However, the high tide at midnight on Sunday passed without any serious incidents.

"Some wave over-topping did take place along Clontarf, no houses or properties were affected," the council's Derek Dixon stated in a report.

He added: "It should be noted that the predicted tidal surge did occur at 2.48, thankfully this was as the high tide was waning. Two hours earlier and the probability is that DCC would have experienced coastal flooding."

He said the "initial trigger" for the preventative actions "comes from weather forecast data from Met Eireann".

"This data is then analysed by two different models operated by DCC," he added.

From November 3, the analysis showed a "predicted high tide combined with an area of low pressure and a tidal surge".

This indicated that "flooding of certain coastal areas was a significant risk".

Mr Dixon added: "Analysis of the tides for midnight on Sunday 7 and midday Monday 8 showed that a warning level was warranted. As a result the crisis management team was convened and the risk assessed."

It was decided to strengthen flood defences at the most vulnerable areas, which were along Strand Road in Sandymount and the seafront in Clontarf.


From Thursday afternoon, about 600 one-tonne sandbags were placed along the coast.

The at-risk area in Clontarf stretched from Alfie Byrne Road to the Timber Bridge at Bull Island.

Sandbags were also provided to some 260 homes along the seafront.

However, the night passed off without incident.

Car parks on the seafront at Clontarf and Sandymount were closed. All gullies along the at-risk section were cleaned, while street lighting was extended through the nights of Sunday and Monday.