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We don't need topless models... just give us the bare facts, Peta

PETA, the pro-animal lobby group, launched a campaign in Dublin yesterday to highlight its anti-carnivore message, claiming that the equivalent of 50 bathtubs of water are necessary to create just one steak.

And with worldwide droughts causing famines, this is simply unacceptable, if it is indeed true.

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure of the nuances of their argument, because Peta chose to publicise this fact by getting two models to pose topless for photographers on O'Connell Street before they jumped into a soapy bath. And while it's easy to support Peta's message, it's hard to escape the fact that in opposing one injustice, they are reinforcing another in the manner in which they chose to get their story across.

Naked women on O'Connell Street had nothing to do with meat-eating, it simply meant that that by pandering to the lowest-common denominator, they would be guaranteed column inches.

And it's hard to take the moral high ground when you're doing that...