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'We don't know if he'll recover' - Garraway


Kate and husband Derek

Kate and husband Derek

Kate and husband Derek

Kate Garraway has said coronavirus has "wreaked extraordinary damage" on her husband Derek Draper and she does not know if he will ever recover.

The Good Morning Britain presenter said Draper, who has been in hospital for 10 weeks with the illness, told her "you saved my life" before he was put into an induced coma on April 5.


Speaking to her colleagues on ITV's Good Morning Britain from her London home, Garraway described the "extraordinary battle" he is fighting.

"The fact that he's still here and holding on, I'm so grateful that he is still here," the presenter added.

"He's very, very sick and as time goes on it's a virus, it's a little bit like a computer virus, the doctors manage one bit extraordinarily well and there seems to be hope and then there is something else.

"It's affected him from the top of his head to the tip of his toes."

Garraway said Draper is now testing negative for Covid-19 but is still very ill, adding: "The fight with the virus has been won and he's still here but it's wreaked extraordinary damage on his body and we don't know if he can recover from that."

She said she was encouraged by her colleague Piers Morgan to treat Draper's illness like a breaking news story.