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We abandoned our car after 7ft wall of water

THE long march back to Dundrum Shopping Centre began in earnest today to retrieve my prized possession.

My mission was to rescue my car -- left there by my wife in the flood chaos.

Unlike hundreds of Dublin motorists today, however, there was good news for me -- my beloved Renault Scenic escaped relatively unscathed.

My wife had been working in the centre last night, but had been evacuated and had to come home by taxi. She had been told the car park was flooded, so I wasn't sure what state the car would be in today.

Staff at the centre were being inundated with questions from staff and shoppers when I arrived.

Inside the centre the clean-up was going on in earnest. In fairness, most of the water had been pumped out overnight, but as I was being led to the underground car park I could see condensation on the insides of the shop windows.

Not a good sign.

As we descended the stairs to the car parks a stench of putrid water was rising through the building, and there was mud and silt on the floors and steps as staff tried to mop and clean.


In the car parks themselves there were pools of water, but a team of workers in special vacuum trucks were sucking up the mud and silt.

Thankfully, my car was fine, and I was directed up the ramps and out of the centre, leaving the team of cleaners to get on with the tough task of trying to bring one of Dublin's busiest shopping centres back to normal.