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WAYNE and John Dundon, who have been convicted of murdering innocent men, are also the chief suspects for one of the most gruesome killings in the entire Limerick feud.

Despite being arrested a number of months after the sickening murder of Michael Campbell-McNamara almost 11 years ago, gardai could never get enough evidence to charge either Wayne or John Dundon in relation to it.

Instead, a junior criminal associate of the Dundons, Andrew Nolan was jailed for four years in 2007 for luring the unfortunate Mr Campbell-McNamara to his death.

Campbell McNamara was stabbed numerous times in the back and chest on the night he was murdered. His feet, ankles and hands had been bound and he was gagged as he endured a medieval-style torture session in a field.

The stab wounds were in clusters and had been inflicted in quick succession. The 23-year-old had also been shot twice, once in the buttocks and once in the back of the head because he refused to lure the Dundons' bitter gangland rival Brian Collopy to meet them.


The Herald can also disclose that after their suspected involvement in the grotesque killing, Wayne and John Dundon travelled to the home of Nathan Killeen's mother Susan Killeen in O'Malley Park, Southill.

Detectives believe that Susan helped the brothers "clean up" after the murder.

She took her own life earlier this year during the early stages of her son Nathan's murder trial.

Nathan who acted as a getaway driver in the Roy Collins murder was convicted with Wayne Dundon who ordered the gun attack from behind bars.

Meanwhile, it is highly unlikely that Wayne or John Dundon will ever face charges in relation to the Michael Campbell McNamara murder.

When arrested by gardai, the brother's then associate, Andrew Nolan, said in his statement that two people who were later joined by another man.

"Three men were waiting for him at the shop. I don't want to name them," Nolan told investigating officers. "I have kids. I don't mind for myself."

He admitted to gardai that he knew the men who requested a meeting with the victim had access to guns and were also known to be violent and would kill.