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Water in restaurant 'went yellow during Luas utility works'


Magdalena Krawiel, Manager, Starbucks, Westmoreland St.

Magdalena Krawiel, Manager, Starbucks, Westmoreland St.

Charlie's manager Amy Lam

Charlie's manager Amy Lam


Magdalena Krawiel, Manager, Starbucks, Westmoreland St.

MANY Dublin businesses were left struggling to cope as ongoing works on the Luas Cross City project meant water services had to be shut down.

Water supplies in Westmoreland Street were affected for several hours on Sunday and Monday morning.

Amy Lam, a manager at Charlie's restaurant, said the water in the premises had turned yellow on Sunday afternoon.

"At around 11am the water started coming out of the taps a yellow colour, it looked very disgusting," she said.

"We obviously couldn't serve that to our customers, so we weren't able to serve water or wash dishes until around 3pm."

Also affected was the Starbucks coffee shop which had to make do with low water pressure from around 11am to 3pm on Sunday.

Starbucks manager Magdalena Krawiec said that if the shortage of water had occurred on any other day except Sunday, the shop would have struggled to cope.

"The water pressure was low and we had difficulty washing dishes," she said. "If we had been busier, we would have had to turn people away to our other store across the street."


Despite the disruptions, Ms Krawiec said a Luas representative always calls in to inform them of the ongoing Luas works.

A spokesperson for the Luas Cross City project said the disruptions caused were necessary.

"They are unavoidable as part of the utility works and were planned in advance with the water division of Dublin City Council," the spokesperson said. "All affected stakeholders were notified in advance."