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Was that my Irish exam? It could have been any lingo

THE English exam on the first day hadn't been that hard, so surely Irish wouldn't be either.

We sat down and opened our papers, the listening exam was first.

Honestly, it could have been any language being spoken and nobody would have been able to tell the difference.

It was almost as if they had deliberately tried to muffle the speaker's voice.

As I looked around the blank expressions on everyone's faces told me they thought the exact same thing.

So after having our confidence shattered, we started paper one. When I opened the first page, I had a feeling that things would be alright.

As it turned out I was right.

The first section was two reading comprehensions.

Normally these can be the hardest questions to understand in the entire exam, but this year we were lucky.

Little did we know that our luck had just ran out.

There was no smiling monkeys in paper two.

I would call it a reading comprehension, but that would imply it could be read.

By the sudden death of the atmosphere in the room I knew nobody could read it.

Next comes the studied story, where you have to write about a story with a character in it who fits a certain description.

Last but not least you must write a letter, and while the topics for that weren't great they were nothing too bad compared to what had happened already.

Nobody left that exam smiling.