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Was Ormond's detective brother target in attack?

GARDAI are looking into every case that a top cop investigated over the past three years in a bid to establish who firebombed the family home of RTE star Brian Ormond.

The terrifying attack took place late on Halloween night when Mr Ormond's parents Jess and Mick were inside.

Nobody was injured in the incident but officers are investigating if thugs were targeting Detective Garda Michael Ormond -- a brother of the TV star.

One major line of enquiry is the fact that a dangerous gangster -- who Detective Ormond spent years investigating -- was released from prison last week.

The Clondalkin-based criminal -- whose relations were close associates of gang boss Martin 'The General' Cahill -- is aged in his mid-20s and is well known to gardai for drugs and firearms offences.

He was released from prison last week and sources believe that he has "a major gripe" with well-respected detective Michael Ormond.

Gardai are also examining if the bomb attack is linked to a massive heroin seizure in the summer that Detective Ormond investigated.

"The fact is that Detective Ormond has been leading a huge number of investigations into loads of gangs and drug dealers -- there are loads of criminals who would like a go at him," explained a source.

There was also a burglary in 2009 and gardai are now probing if there is any link between this crime and Monday night's incident.

Gardai have also not ruled out the possibility that Monday night's attack was not linked to the detective but instead was focused on another family member.

"Everything is being looked at -- it is early days," a source pointed out.

The house at St John's Park in Clondalkin was sealed off yesterday pending a forensic examination by members of the Garda Technical Bureau after the attack.

Brian and his model wife Pippa turned up at the house yesterday to assess the damage and comfort his parents.

The have both declined to comment on the incident which is said to have shaken the entire family.

The device caused a massive amount of damage and the effects of the force were scattered around the front garden.

The glass panels in the front door were shattered, with shards of glass strewn far and wide. A long burn mark could be seen at the base of the door where the device went off, warping the door as it exploded.

Plant pots were smashed by the blast and the doormat was ripped to shreds. A car in the driveway also suffered damage to the front of it near to where the blast occurred.