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Was jealous love rival behind botched hit on body builder?

A BOTCHED hit on bodybuilder Sean Enright may have been ordered because of a bizarre love triangle.

Senior sources have revealed that a love triangle that went sour is one of two main motive theories that officers are investigating in relation to last week's attempted murder.

Enright (33) was lucky to escape with his life when he was shot five times outside his Dublin gym.

The other main line of enquiry in the detailed investigation is whether Enright got into "a very bitter row" with a major gangland criminal in his Cabra gym just five days before the attack.

The development comes as a notorious but hapless 45-year-old armed robber remains in garda custody being questioned about the shooting.

He is the chief suspect and is understood to have agreed to murder Enright for €20,000, but failed to collect the money after he failed in the assassination attempt.

A senior source said: "There can be no doubt that garda custody is the safest place for this individual right now.

"Intelligence came in that a gang was looking to kidnap and murder him before gardai arrested him in Tallaght on Saturday.

"There are now two main theories being explored in relation to who ordered this.

"The arrested man is refusing to co-operate in any way, so gardai are trying to get to an exact motive."

The love triangle motive centres around an alleged relationship that 'ladies' man' Enright had with a Dublin woman who is also in a relationship with a Cabra man who has connections to dissident Republicans.



The Herald understands that the Cabra man "has been furious for some time" about this alleged relationship.

However, sources say gardai are also "seriously looking" at a row that Enright had with a criminal rival from Finglas on Saturday, May 11.

This extremely violent criminal, who is suspected of the murder of an innocent man and of a grenade attack on the wrong house, has emerged as a suspect in the murder of a drug dealer who was shot dead in a Dublin pub.

Senior sources have revealed that the burly hardman from Finglas – a key member of a north Dublin organised crime gang – is being investigated for shooting Paul Cullen (26) in the Cabra House pub in March.

The gangster is also the chief suspect for murdering Finglas man Lee Kinsella in front of his children in 2006.

"He would be more than capable of ordering the hit but we can't discount the love triangle theory just yet either," said a source. The man in custody, meanwhile, is believed to be behind a spate of armed robberies across Dublin this year. He was earlier jailed for seven years for an armed robbery.

He was nicknamed the 'Lone Ranger' and, although he had lived in Tallaght in recent times, is originally from Finglas.

Yesterday gardai were in court where they got more time to detain the suspected gunman, who did not have a getaway driver when he attempted to murder Enright.

Enright – who was very friendly with jailed Finglas gangland brothers Alan 'Fatpuss' and Wayne Bradley – continues to recover in hospital.