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Warren's killer will be caught insists mother

The killer of innocent stab victim Warren O'Connor will be brought to justice eventually, his grieving mother has said -- one week ahead of her beloved son's inquest.

Devastated Martina O'Connor told the Herald that it is not certain whether the inquest will proceed next Friday because gardai are still pursuing Warren's murderer.

But she is adamant that the killer will pay for stabbing the 24-year-old former soldier last January 16, and she believes gardai are working hard to find him.

Martina said: "It's just still ongoing. They don't know where he is, but there's only so much that the police can tell us.


"They're determined to get him. They ring us often, and they are working. I know they're not sitting back doing nothing."

Warren was stabbed in the chest after he went with friends to complain about the noise levels coming from an apartment at the Grattan Wood development, Hole in the Wall Road, Donaghmede, Dublin 13.

His pals, who lived in the block, phoned Warren, who did not live there, for assistance before going to the apartment to complain about the noise. The former soldier was attacked on the street, after leaving the complex shortly afterwards.

Warren's family believe that the gardai know exactly who the killer is, and they will eventually have enough evidence to charge him.

"They know who he is. They keep in touch regularly. I was only talking to them a few days ago. I know myself that they're going to get him. I just have that feeling.

Martina insists that she wants the person who killed her son brought to justice.

"I just want him caught and I want justice done, and I want him put away for life, hopefully."

The horrific events of the Saturday night when Warren was fatally stabbed sent shockwaves throughout the Coolock community. And the family are still struggling to come to terms with the loss of the keen Gaelic football player, who had plans to join the Dublin Fire Brigade.

"We just got Warren's headstone up there last week. We went down to see it and it kind of hit home that he's really gone," Martina said.

"[His friends] really miss him and there's always someone down at his grave. Every time we go down there, there's always someone down there.

"We have him all over the house, with photos. The sitting room is full of photos, and Fran (Martina's husband) has them all over the computer. We're taking each day as it comes. I'm a bit better than I was when he died but I can't sleep," she said.

A garda spokesperson said that there have been no further arrests since one man was arrested on February 1.