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Warrant issued for troubled teen

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a 15-year-old boy facing robbery and trespassing charges, and described as being "allowed to roam as he pleases" without supervision.

The teen had been remanded in custody by the Dublin Children's Court in July but was granted bail on August 18 last. He had been due to appear again yesterday but neither he nor his mother were present when the case was called.

A garda said that she had spoken to the teen's mother last Friday and added that the woman was aware that her son was due to appear. A social worker had also arranged to meet the teenager and his mother at the courthouse.

Judge Elizabeth MacGrath issued a bench warrant for the teen's arrest.

Earlier, a solicitor of the HSE had told the court that a "family welfare conference" would be held in relation to the boy.

In July, a judge said there were concerns over the lack of parental control of the teen. He had been charged with trespassing with intent to put fear in another at an address in north Dublin, in the early hours of July 20 last and brought to court hours later. The teen's mother refused to come to the Garda station to collect the boy and was not present for her son's court case that day either.

He had been on conditional bail with an 8pm to 8am curfew when he was arrested.

Earlier, a garda had told the court "I am worried about his welfare, his mother I think has an alcohol problem, this juvenile is allowed to roam as he pleases."