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War cry calls on troops to celebrate hero Brian Boru

AN ancestral war cry signalled the start of the millennium celebration of heroic Irish king Brian Boru. The Kincora call at Trinity College Dublin Long Hall was performed by some 15 students from St Anne's Community College in Killaloe, Co Clare, the same town in which Brian Boru was born over a thousand years ago.


The year-long commemoration features dozens of events across the country, including the largest medieval battle re-enactment in Ireland.

The Battle of Clontarf re-enactment will take place on April 19 and 20, and will feature living history re-enactors who will perform two re-enactments daily. Dubliners can experience what it was like to live in a medieval village.

Other events will take place at locations linked to the ancient king, including Cashel, Co Tipperary, where he was crowned; Killaloe, the seat of his High Kingship, and Co Armagh, his burial place.

Conor O'Brien, a direct descendent, who had the idea for the celebrations, said: "For the country it's vital. The Battle of Clontarf was a magnificent victory. Just about every Irishman fought on both sides." The website www.brianborumillennium.ie will have details from Jan 31.