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Wanted fans' death threats to Herald critic

FANS of boyband The Wanted bombarded Herald music reviewer Chris Wasser with insults and death threats over a negative review of the band.

The boyband, which feature Dubliner Siva Kaneswaran, has broken America and are due to release their album Stateside at the end of April.

Not surprisingly, the group has a massive following in the UK and Ireland.

But some fans are bordering on the extreme and targeted Chris with offensive comments.

In his review published in the Herald yesterday, Chris said that their concert in the O2 was bland and uninspiring.

However, some teenagers took offense at the review and then specifically targeted Chris by firing online insults at him.

Some even threatened to kill him. Within a few hours, the collective rant had become one of the more expletive-ridden topics trending on Twitter.

"It doesn't matter that I gave these kids' favourite band a bad review -- some of them actually said that they'd kill me. And that's disturbing," Chris told the Herald.

"Some of them tweeted disgusting insults about my appearance based on my Twitter profile picture.

"Have these people never read a review in their lives?"

"The end result is based on the opinion of one writer: take it or leave it."

The writer said that he laughed off the majority of the petty insults, but said he couldn't help but feel uneasy about the attack.

"Some threatened to beat me up," he said.

"More often than not, they just called me names and urged me to quit my job and disappear off the face of the earth.

"I'd love to know how many parents across Ireland were aware that their kids were sending abusive messages to a journalist yesterday evening."