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Want to be a model boyfriend? Then don't talk about your ex

LADS, take note - models Holly Carpenter and Nadia Forde, who are both currently single, have been sharing their dating tips ahead of Valentine's Day.

Holly - who used to date rugby player Cian Healy - says her first rule of thumb is "don't talk about your ex" while Nadia says she's on the look-out for an "imperfect gentleman".

Former Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter (23) has been blogging her dating dos and don'ts.

Holly, who split from Healy last July, says that simple acts of chivalry, like holding a door open goes a long way. That will have a girl thinking: "Wow he was brought up well and clearly respects women," she said.

Her advice on talking about your ex?

"This applies to both men and woman. You're on a date. Do not bring up your ex," she writes. She recalled an incident from her own dating history.


"I once ordered chicken on a date and the guy goes 'my ex loved chicken.' B***h I don't care if your ex was a chicken - do not," she wrote.

Holly also says drinking too much is not a good idea.

"You don't want to wake up with the fear thinking 'Oh God what did I say ... did we kiss? Jesus is that him in the bed beside me!? Thank f***, it's my dog,' she wrote.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here star Nadia (25) made her remarks about the dating scene following a survey that showed that almost a quarter of singletons hide their true personalities in a bid to appear more perfect.

"I'm definitely on the lookout for my Imperfect Gentleman - we all try to put on a 'perfect' front for a new partner but actually, it's when the walls have come down and I've been my true self that I've fallen in love," she said.