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Wallets, wheelchairs and even rabbits are left on Dublin buses

Forgetful commuters have left everything from pet rabbits to their wheelchairs on Dublin buses.

On an average day, some 30 items are handed in to the Dublin Bus office, resulting in 600 items a month being left behind by passengers who disembark before realising they have forgotten their possessions.

At this time of year, shopping bags are among the more common items left behind -- but there have been more unusual items.


"We had two rabbits left in a few years ago. One of the workers took them home with her to look after them," said Joe Elliott, who has worked for more than 10 years in Dublin Bus offices at Earl Place in the city centre.

"We had a wheelchair again this year, and we have loads of crutches. We even had a walker left in," he told the Herald.

"We get a lot of baby buggies as well," said Joe, but he revealed that they tend to be mostly reclaimed the next day.

"Umbrellas would top the list of items left behind by people. People do claim them if they are expensive ones," he said. "And mobile phones would be another very common thing to leave behind on the bus."

The lost property office hangs on to phones for a month and if they are not claimed they are donated to a different charity every time.

"The last batch went to Barnardos," explained Joe.

"Since the recession, I have noticed that people are more careful of their possessions. The kind of items coming in would not be as valuable as in the past. But we would get a lot of laptops," said Joe.