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Wallace no longer on speaking terms with his former pals in the technical group

MICK WALLACE is no longer on speaking terms with a number of his independent colleagues following his disastrous handling of the tax evasion scandal.

The Herald can reveal that several deputies spent days phoning the Wexford TD in a bid to try and salvage the reputation of the Technical Group.

However, as a number of sources have admitted, TDs were stunned to be told by the former developer: "My tax affairs are none of your business".

A core group inside the Technical Group have been holding secret talks in recent days as the fallout from the tax scandal continues.

TDs such as Finian McGrath, Shane Ross and Thomas Pringle are understood to be "very concerned".

A number of deputies privately believe that Mr Wallace's reaction to their concerns smacks of "arrogance" with particular mention being made for Mr Wallace's initial reaction to the controversy.


"I contacted him because I had RTE and everyone onto me. And what did he tell me? To mind my own business. He's an arrogant fellow and we've all learned that," one member of the Technical Group told the Herald.

Serious concern has also been raised over Clare Daly's membership of the group.

Sources have revealed that Ms Daly's closest supporters are "disgusted" by her refusal to climb down from her incredible level support for her close friend.

Normally a very approachable person by journalists, the Socialist TD has completely gone to ground, refusing to take phone calls, respond to emails or answer any questions.

However, the Herald understands that she is set to be confronted by members of her party, the United Left Alliance, over her refusal to condemn Mr Wallace.

Waterford TD John Halligan -- who was the first deputy in the group to call on Mr Wallace to resign his Dail seat -- today admitted the affair has proved damaging.