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Waiting game as Mannix bravely battles on through cancer ordeal

BRAVE tot Mannix Kane is playing happily with friends after battling through his second bout of chemotherapy.

The inspirational four-year-old must now wait for a few weeks before his condition is reassessed.

He suffered dramatic weight loss, neutropenia (a low white blood cell count) and had to undergo surgery to remove a tumour and a kidney in April -- but the brave child has improved, to the delight of his mother Noleen.

"Mannix has just completed his second bout of chemotherapy and is feeling really well, all things considered," she told the Herald.

"He is so much better now than he was in April, he is running and playing with kids as if there is nothing wrong.

"We will know how the treatment has gone in a few weeks as he will have complete evaluation."

Mannix's chemo was combined with radiation treatment at St Luke's Hospital -- but only time will tell if he will have to travel to America for further treatment.

Mannix was diagnosed with stage four clear cell sarcoma two weeks before Christmas.

This cancer is so rare that only 20 new cases are discovered in America each year.

Research is not that extensive, and the disease has a survival rate of just 40pc.


Mannix's parents, Noleen and Bryan, are fundraising to send Mannix to America for clinical trials should the chemotherapy prove unsuccessful, because the treatment is not available or funded here.

"When his last chemo is finished -- hopefully in the next three weeks -- he will be given a complete evaluation, to see how successful this treatment has been," said Noleen.

"It is then that a plan will be made regarding further treatment either here or in the States.

"He has been utterly amazing throughout this entire horrific ordeal that he has faced. To be honest, I believe the children fighting cancer are so incredibly brave and courageous that they would put us adults to shame.

"He never complains about anything, from his hospital visits and stays, his medication or any of the awful vomiting or pain he has been in."

A huge effort from friends, family and neighbours has seen the Mannix Kane Appeal raise almost €250,000 since it began fundraising at the beginning of the year.

Supporters have shaved their heads, jumped out of planes, released their own music single and organised a lavish black-tie event to support Mannix's cause.

To date in excess of €137,000 has been raised, not including the €100,000 pledged by the Tiernan O'Neill Trust Fund, which was originally raised for the teenager from Templeogue who tragically passed away from cancer in February 2006.