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Waiters copied diners' cards

Waiters at New York restaurants copied customers' credit cards and passed them on to a crime ring that bought luxury goods, it is claimed.

The alleged locations include the Manhattan dining room at Smith & Wollensky, the steakhouse chain, is where 81-year-old billionaire Warren Buffett takes the winner of his annual charity auction for lunch.

Charges against 28 people were announced yesterday. The crimes allegedly occurred from April 2010 to this month and involved at least 50 American Express account holders, the prosecutors said.

Merchandise including $1m worth of watches, was sometimes sold on the internet.

Oil spill crisis at Atlantic rig

Nearly 110,000 gallons of oil may have spilled into the Atlantic Ocean because of a leak at an offshore Chevron drilling site, Brazil's environmental protection agency said.

Officials think between 8,400 to 13,800 gallons of oil leaked each day for a week from November 8.

Chevron said that only 16,800 to 27,300 gallons in total leaked into the ocean at a site about 230 miles north east of Rio de Janeiro.

Scare as pilot

locked in toilet

An airline pilot got himself trapped in the toilet when the lock jammed.

The co-pilot of the Chatauqua Airlines from North Carolina to New York City became alarmed when a passenger with an unusual accent tried to alert him in the cockpit. An air traffic controller told him to consider declaring an emergency.

The pilot eventually freed himself and told controllers there was no threat.

Honours for

Kofi and Annie

Nobel Laureate Kofi Annan and singer Annie Lennox have been honoured by a Scottish university.

Dr Annan was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) for his work to address international issues such as the HIV/Aids epidemic, poverty and human rights.

Ms Lennox was presented with an outstanding achievement award in recognition of her international humanitarian efforts.