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'Wait til I get him home' - boobgate fan's mum reveals 'shock' at photo

THE mother of an Irish fan caught getting up close and personal with a Croatian fan, inset, while watching the Irish match on Sunday has spoken of her "shock".

The image of UCD student Eamon Keegan (20), from Sallins in Co Kildare, licking a Croat fan's breast in Poznan has gone viral.

However, Eamon's mum, Barbara, said that, while it's a little embarrassing, she can see the funny side. But she'll still be having a few quiet words with her son when he returns home.

Despite the 3-1 defeat against Croatia, Eamon Keegan found a way to cheer himself up by becoming acquainted with the topless Croatian fan, oblivious to the fact that he was set to become famous for his cheeky move.

Within hours of the snap of him being taken, it went viral on Twitter and Facebook.

"I got a bit of a shock," mum Barbara told the Herald from her Sallins home today.

"I suppose I can see the funny side, but it's hugely embarrassing," she smiled. "I wouldn't mind but Eamon is a very quiet lad, so I'm surprised more than anything else," Barbara added.

Eamon's younger brother Killian (16) is less surprised by his antics, and gave his brother the thumbs-up: "Why are you surprised, mam? I'm not surprised at all."

Barbara first got wind of Eamon's 'boob' when her daughter Aisling texted from Australia saying he was getting popular on the internet. "I've only seen a small picture. I thought they might be those false things you can get in joke shops," said Barbara.

"Eamon texted me saying he was very sorry. He seems to think it will all be forgotten about tomorrow," she laughed.

Eamon told the Herald of his shock when he realised he was trending on Twitter. "One of the lads rang and said I was all over the internet. I had no idea it had been taken. I had had a few drinks and was just having the craic.

"Mam's mortified, but she's hoping that it will all blow over in a few days. She hasn't reacted as badly as I thought she would, though," said Eamon.

The arts student flew over to Poland last Wednesday with his three friends, and since the picture has been revealed he has found a fan in one of his soccer idols, Sean St Ledger.

The Irish defender has made no secret of his admiration for Eamon, tweeting that he was a 'hero' and not a 'traitor' for canoodling with a fan of the opposing team.

Eamon has yet to book his flight home and hopes the wild antics will continue: "The atmosphere is incredible -- there are no words. We are having the best time."