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Wahlberg 'shouldn't be pardoned' over attack

A former state prosecutor in the US who secured a civil rights injunction against a young Mark Wahlberg after he hurled rocks and racial epithets at black schoolchildren says he shouldn't be pardoned for attacks on two Asian men two years later.

Judith Beals, a former Massachusetts assistant attorney general, said she believes in "forgiveness and reconciliation" but Wahlberg's request should be denied because he hasn't acknowledged the racial element of his crimes.

"That acknowledgement of the crime and that facing of history is absolutely critical in the issuing of a pardon," she said.


Wahlberg, who became a rapper and then an A-list actor nominated for an Oscar, acknowledged in his pardon application that he was high on drugs at the time. He said he's dedicated himself to becoming a better person as an adult.

"I've been looking for redemption [since] the day I woke up and realised that I done some horrific things and was on a path of self-destruction," Wahlberg (43) said in December.

Wahlberg wants to be cleared of a 1988 incident in which he hit a Vietnamese man in the head with a wooden stick while trying to steal alcohol from a convenience store. Wahlberg, then 16, punched another Vietnamese man in the face while trying to avoid police.