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Vodafone staff face 'vile insults' probe

TWO Vodafone employees have been suspended after a vile online conversation about a customer appeared online.

The disturbing exchange allegedly took place between workers in a Vodafone shop in Ireland on a shared computer.

The female customer targeted in the vile rants is standing on the other side of the store's counter and is believed to have been oblivious to the alleged abuse at the time.

The mobile giant said that it has immediately suspended employees after the alleged rant.


The conversation, which is visible on the screen and was captured by a camera reads:

"This c*** is wrecking my buzz I am seriously gona b*tchslap her face into that galaxy 2.

"What an awful looking huuuuure."

And in what appears to be a reply to the first exchange, another string of comments reads: "Mine too I need a cup of tea!!!!! And a smoke and some heroin."

Horrified Vodafone chiefs acted swiftly after the conversation appeared online --it was brought to their attention by a Twitter user who alerted the social media monitoring team.

But before the company had a chance to respond, the image went viral online. The offending image has since been taken down from social networking sites. However, there is currently no proof that it was a Vodafone employee that wrote these comments -- or that the 'conversation' is accurate.

Vodafone said: "Vodafone Ireland became aware of this issue and immediately moved to source the origins of the image."

Paul Ryan, strategy director of Vodafone Ireland added: "We would like to reassure our customers that Vodafone has a zero tolerance approach to any behaviour that is outside of Vodafone's rigorous code of conduct and contract of employment."