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Vodafone hikes broadband packages

TELECOMS group Vodafone is to follow rivals in hiking up the price of broadband packages from the start of March.

The Vodafone rises will cost families between €36 and €60 more a year. Some business packages are also going up.

The firm's top plan, Home Unlimited, will be reduced in price by €5 a month to €55.

The moves comes after Vodafone lost 101,000 mobile phone customers in the last 12 months, according to its latest financial report. New broadband customers who sign up for home packages from March 1 will have to pay more.

The company is providing an unlimited data allowance on its Simply Broadband offering, but the monthly cost will go up by €3 to €38 a month.

Customers who sign up for Vodafone's Simply Broadband package before March will not be hit with higher prices.