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Vital repairs to collapsed quay wall will cost €850k

VITAL repairs to the collapsed Ringsend quay wall are to begin next week at a cost of €850,000.

A 40-metre section of the wing wall on Fitzwilliam Quay fell into the River Dodder on February 6. It will cost an average of €21,250 per metre to reinstate.

The bill for the construction work will hit €600,000, while there are also extra costs such as consultancy fees and Eircom diversion charges, Dublin City Council has revealed.

The 200-year-old quay "suffered further slippage and deterioration" in the recent floods, it added.

Fine Gael councillor Paddy McCartan had questioned why the cost for the four-month project had jumped from €250,000.

But the council said the initial estimate for the repairs "was in the hundreds of thousands of euro".

"A figure of €250,000 was not quoted by any city council employee but was reported in one newspaper," the local authority stated.

The cost will be met by the council and a €400,000 grant from the Office of Public Works (OPW).

The Eircom charge is €170,000 and consultancy fees are €60,000.

Murphy International expects to start the work on November 14 and continue for 16 weeks.

"In the recent flooding of October 24 the quay suffered further slippage and deterioration making it essential to complete stabilisation and repair as emergency works," the council said.