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Violeta's 5ft trim is a big hit on the (hair) net

THE moment a woman had her floor-length hair cut in a Dublin barbers shop has become an online hit.

Violeta Salaseviciene (58) from Vilkaviskio, Lithuania pledged to sell her hair on eBay in a bid to raise funds towards her journey home.

The Waldorf Barbers in Westmoreland Street used an eight-and-a-half inch scissors to chop off the hair, which was almost 5ft long.

Barber Linda Finnegan said that they would assist Violeta selling the hair on eBay, where it could reach as much as €800 from wig manufacturers or specialist paint brush manufacturers.

Linda said when they weighed the cut hair, it came in at 220g and they are currently looking for expert opinion for a guide price on it.

The barbershop has launched a competition for customers to guess how much the hair will sell for on eBay. Estimates for as much as €580 have been lodged on their Facebook site and many have logged on to view the video. But Violeta, who has only ever had 10 trims in her life, told Linda that she was happy to have her hair in a short bob.

"She told me that she felt much lighter on the outside and much lighter on the inside," said Linda.

"She was a bit upset at first but she told me that she was very, very happy that it was more manageable now."

Linda said that Violeta even appeared taller since her hair was cut -- the last time she had a trim was three years ago when it was cut to just below her knees.

Violeta's three daughters, Jutgita (35), Kristina (30) and Lina (21) and her granddaughter Maute (2) all live in Balbriggan and she was in Ireland visiting when she had the idea to sell her hair to raise funds for her journey back home.

And if she has any money left over, Violeta said that she would like to spend the money on herself.

"I would like to have a holiday, maybe I will have a trip to Greece," Violeta said.