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Violent Republicans waging war in capital

THE Real IRA have become the most violent criminal grouping in the city over the past two years.

A north Dublin Real IRA cell run by two brothers is believed to be behind the majority of the dissident attacks in the capital. This faction is suspected of being involved in a number of criminal activities, including extortion on pubs and drug dealers, and some of its members are thought to have been linked to a number of shootings in the capital.

The violent group has already claimed responsibility for the murders of Collie Owens (34) and low-level drug dealer Sean Winters (40) in Dublin last year.

The outfit is also suspected of involvement in the attempted murder of drug godfather Eamonn Kelly (62), in Killester last September. A number of weapon seizures have been made in recent months as gardai tried to disarm the gang.


THEY once went to war with Dublin gangs but, with most of their leaders behind bars, the INLA’s influence has faded.

The organisation has been eclipsed in recent years by the Real IRA.

Over the past 10 years the INLA supplied bouncers and security guards to dozens of pubs and clubs in Dublin and also received payments from drug dealers in order to let them operate free from threats and intimidation. At their height they were involved in one of the most chilling incidents in the history of Dublin gangland – the Ballymount Bloodbath in October 1999.