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Violent drunk jailed for breaking garda's finger

AN alcoholic who fractured and dislocated a garda's finger when he became violent on arrest has been jailed for three months.

Gary Walsh (31) injured the garda after headbutting him full-force in the face and struggling when he was arrested for being drunk on a city street.

He became violent again when arrested for a separate drink-driving incident during a binge that lasted months.

As well as the sentence, Judge Bryan Smyth also fined him €200 and banned him from driving for three years.

Walsh, with an address at Iveagh Hostel, Bride Road, Dublin 8 pleaded guilty to assault on a garda, causing a breach of the peace and public intoxication at Terenure Road North.

He also admitted violent behaviour at Terenure Garda Station on the same date.

Dublin District Court heard the accused was extremely drunk on the day and was unable to provide his date of birth when gardai asked him.

He became verbally and physically abusive to the officers, turning to one and gesturing that he was "going to get him". He then headbutted the garda "full force into the face".

They fell to the ground and a struggle ensued.

He punched a garda and was pepper-sprayed.

At the station, he swung at gardai, grabbing one by the uniform and kicking at him.

The injured garda was diagnosed as having a fractured and dislocated finger.

In a separate incident, on August 17, 2013, the court heard gardai found him drunk in a car with the engine running at Leinster Road, Rathmines.

He was intoxicated and became extremely violent on arrest.

Walsh had been a "very decent man" until he descended into alcoholism, his solicitor said. He apologised to the garda for what had happened.

"The court has to send out a message," Judge Smyth said. "Gardai put themselves at risk every day of the week at ungodly hours."