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Violent break-in may be 'retaliation' after hotel nightclub brawl


Gardai were called to a brawl (stock image)

Gardai were called to a brawl (stock image)

Gardai were called to a brawl (stock image)

Detectives are investigating if an aggravated burglary in which an innocent woman was threatened by armed men is linked to a mass nightclub brawl earlier that day.

The break-in happened in the Adamstown area of west Dublin at around 10.30pm on Thursday, involving three suspects.

The gang smashed its way into the property before confronting the homeowner.

At least one of the gang is understood to have been armed with a knife and a front window was smashed, but, despite issuing threats, nothing was taken. No arrests have yet been made.

A source said that the gang may have been looking for a male who lives at the property and that the incident might be linked to a massive brawl at the Red Cow Moran Hotel.

After midnight earlier that day, dozens of gardai were called to the hotel on the Naas Road after violence broke out among scores of club-goers.

"This aggravated burglary is believed to be linked to the earlier violence at the hotel in a possible planned retaliation attack," a source told the Herald.

"Unfortunately an innocent woman was caught up in this after being threatened in her own home."

Five people were arrested after fights broke out but further arrests are expected to be made as gardai attempt to identify those involved. One male has been charged for public order offences, and a female juvenile is subject to a youth referral, while the three other individuals arrested are subject to further investigation.

Officers were required to pepper spray some of those involved to calm the situation.


Staff had raised concerns about the number of people becoming involved in the violence, which resulted in the significant garda response.

As part of the investigation a number of threats to kill made against individual officers who responded to the disturbance are also being investigated.

A video shared online shows more than a dozen gardai attempting to calm the scene as chaos unfolds in the crowds at the hotel and car park.

Gardai said additional presence was requested as a number of people exiting the hotel via the Naas Road caused a traffic hazard. Gardai remained at the scene until 4.40am.