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Video: Woman 'looking for trouble' clashes with Dublin busker

Footage of a woman coming in close contact with a buskers cymbals has been viewed over 15,000 times in 24 hours.

Jason McNamara busks regularly on O' Connell Street and records his sessions for his YouTube series 'Streetbeats'.

Yesterday, McNamara posted a clip of an altercation he had with a woman who attempted to interfere with his coin case and it has now been viewed over 15,000 times.

McNamara said that the woman had caught his eye earlier that evening as he began his busking session on O' Connell Street. He said that she had "kicked my case" as she walked by but there "wasn't much in it" as he was only starting.

However, on her return, he "hopped up and grabbed the bag out of her way" as "she was looking directly at it like she was going to kick it again".

"She kicked the cymbal... She was trying to have a bit of drama".

In the clip, McNamara can be seen removing the bag of coins to the woman's chagrin.

"What do you think of me?" she can be heard shouting before she kicks the cymbal off his drum kit.

McNamara snatches the cymbal out of the air to cheers from passers-by, including "great catch, mate!"

McNamara captured the footage as part of an ongoing project about the reality of busking in Dublin.

"I have my camera on a tripod because I started a series called 'Streetbeats' on YouTube... to try and capture the mad stuff that happens when you're busking".

"I've busked for seven years... the weird characters and mental people you meet!"

"She didn't have a clue the camera was there she just wanted to kick the coins all over the street".

McNamara told Independent.ie that commenters on the video have questioned his choice of location.

"All the comments were 'What is he doing busking on O' Connell Street?' but it's a great place to busk".

"I used to busk on Grafton Street but there are too many musicians there now so I moved... nobody plays on O' Connell street".

"It's a great place to busk... a bit dodgier but it's worth it".