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VIDEO: Russell Brand loses his cool with ‘snide’ Irish reporter after he quizzes him about the price of his house

If you ever had intentions of asking Russell Brand how much his rent sets him back, you’d best think again as property is clearly a very touchy subject for the star.

In an interview with Irish reporter Paraic O’Brien for Channel 4 News, the comedian became extremely narky when asked about the price of his plush London home.

Brand was protesting outside Downing Street as part of his campaign to help the residents of New Era Estate, who are facing eviction.

The journalist suggested that wealthy Londoners purchasing property in the city are part of the issue and subsequently asked Brand about the price of his house to which he replied that it was rented.

O’Brien then enquired about Brand’s rent which caused the comedian to become agitated.

“I’m not interested in talking to you about my rent, mate. I’m here to support a very, very important campaign. And you as a member of the media have an important duty to help to represent these people not to reframe the debate."

Brand then pulled a fellow protester into the debate before labelling the reporter “snide” and exiting the exchange.

The journalist was left smiling after receiving the dose of Brand's temper.