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Victoria's says it's sorry over headdress

VICTORIA'S Secret has apologised for putting a Native American-style headdress on a model for its annual fashion show, after the outfit was criticised as a display of ignorance toward tribal culture.

The company added that it wouldn't include the outfit in the show's TV broadcast next month, or in any marketing materials.

Headdresses are a symbol of respect, worn by Native American war chiefs and warriors. For Great Plains tribes, for instance, each feather placed on a headdress had to be earned through an act of compassion or bravery.

"When you see a Lakota chief wearing a full headdress, you know that he was a very honourable man.

"He was a leader. He did a lot of honourable things for his people," said Michelle Spotted Elk, a Santa Cruz, California, woman of mixed heritage whose husband is Lakota.

Victoria's Secret model Karlie Kloss (right) walked on to the runway wearing the floor-length feathered headdress, leopard-print underwear and high heels.