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Victoria thinks Dracula 'cougar' label is a scream

Victoria Smurfit has said her new-found fame as a cougar is "hilarious".

The actress earned the label after wowing American audiences in US series Dracula.

She played Lady Jayne in the NBC show which also starred Jonathan Rhys Myers.

However, after a successful first season, it was dropped by the station earlier this year, leaving the Irish star with mixed emotions.

"In my head and most people's heads it was a 10-part series and we tied up many things," she said. "I mean, it would have been lovely if it had gone again and everybody always hopes economically that it's going to happen.

"But at the same time, it sort of felt like we finished it. We all felt like we told the story.

"On a practical level I was backwards and forwards from Budapest to Los Angles every couple of weeks, managing kids and life and all that sort of good stuff, so it would have been very difficult to do it again.

"But by the same token, we wouldn't have been saying no, it's just one of those things."

Victoria told how the show had opened many more doors for her - including some quite unusual ones.

"It's opened up a very large 'cougar door', which has been fun!" she said. "It was great, hilarious, but there's a sort of a nice satisfaction to know that there are roles out there."


Since moving to LA three years ago, the actress has seen her career soar, with a number of films in the pipeline and a best actress award from the Independent Filmmakers Showcase.

"There's so much more opportunity there, which is great," she said. "It does mean you're getting rejected more often because you're in more doors, so that gives you more of a crab-like ability too. I now have such a tough shell that I can take off very easily, because you need to be able to take it off."

Victoria was in Galway, where her latest movie, Among Ravens, premiered at the film fleadh to rave reviews.