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Victims tortured then shot before their car torched

The latest double murder victims were tortured for up to an hour before being shot, it is believed.

Criminals Joseph Redmond (25) and Anthony Burnett (32) were lured to a remote forest car park and shot in the back of the head, according to sources.

Gardai are now investigating if the double murder was in retaliation for the shooting of a 53-year-old man in a north Dublin caravan park last summer.

Sources say that a notorious gangster ordered the shooting as revenge for the gun murder of dad-of-four Michael Taylor Snr in Donabate last June. Redmond and Burnett – blamed by rival thugs for shooting Taylor – were lured to Ravensdale Park in Co Louth in a stolen car on the pretence of taking part in a robbery, according to sources.

It is understood that the criminals were then tortured for information and shot in the back of their heads before the Volkswagen Golf was set alight.

Post mortem examinations on the men's remains confirmed they were both shot before their stolen car was set alight.

Taylor Snr died in Beaumont Hospital on June 6 2011, just 12 hours after being shot six times with a handgun when he was targeted in broad daylight at Hands Caravan Park.

The following day Joseph Redmond was remanded in custody to Cloverhill Prison on a completely separate matter and he remained in prison until last October.

Sources say that thugs linked to Taylor "blamed" Wednesday night's murder victim for killing him and in turn had them brutally murdered in a shocking gangland double cross.


Gardai have not been able to verify if Redmond and Burnett were suspects but underworld sources say that the Taylor faction blamed the duo for last June's murder.

"They were convinced that they were behind it.

"They have been planning to murder them for months because of it.

"A few weeks ago they tried to lure Redmond out of his home in Ballybough after setting fire to his girlfriend's car but he didn't take the bait. They were waiting to kill him there," the source explained.

"So they came up with the plan of getting the fellas to take part in a robbery. The talk going around is that they tortured the men for an hour, looking for information about who paid them to kill Michael Taylor."

Gardai believe that Michael Taylor Snr was shot dead in a revenge attack for the murder that his son carried out.

The murder is understood to have been ordered by associates of slain north inner city criminal Paul Kelly.

Five months after Taylor Snr was blasted to death, his son Michael Taylor Jnr (31) was found guilty of the April 2007 murder of Paul Kelly (26) in Clontarf, Dublin.

Before being given the life sentence for that slaying, Michael Taylor Jnr was already serving jail sentences totalling 13 years for his role in conspiring to rob a cash-in-transit van carrying €200,000 in Sandyford in 2007 and possession of cocaine worth €70,000 after gardai caught him in a 'drug mixing factory' in Garrettstown, Co Dublin a year earlier.

Just four months before he was busted in Sandyford, Taylor shot small-time criminal Paul Kelly as a feud spiralled out of control. The feud kicked-off when both men from the north inner city had a bitter row over a woman in late 2006 and the row quickly inflamed when family members on both sides got involved.

There was a major escalation of violence after cars and motorbikes belonging to one side were damaged in a vandalism incident which directly led to Michael Taylor Jnr. being stabbed while he walked in the north inner city.


Taylor received only minor injuries after being stabbed three times but less than a week later, the suspected knifeman, Paul Kelly was shot dead.

A month after the murder, a hand grenade was thrown at Taylor's then family home in Rutland Court in Summerhill.

Windows were smashed and the interior was damaged but none of the occupants was hurt.

The grenade attack happened only a night after the two rival groups clashed in the Mater Hospital while one faction was visiting a patient.

One woman was stabbed in the hand and received superficial injuries while a man sustained head wounds after being struck during the struggle.

Just a week after Michael Taylor Jnr was found guilty of Paul Kelly's death, gardai carried out a high profile operation against his gang.

Sixteen homes and two business premises were searched by armed gardai and five arrests were made in a huge operation targeting associates of Taylor.

The main focus of the operation was the Summerhill area of the capital as gardai try to combat the bitter feud that has been raging for over five years.

More 100 gardai were involved and searches were also carried out in Mountjoy Prison.