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Victims afraid to speak out

Terrified victims of domestic violence are not coming forward due to immigration laws, it was claimed.

The Immigration Council of Ireland warned that men and women are trapped in violent relationships because they are not offered proper protection by the legislation.

Brian Killoran, spokesman, said victims whose status is dependent on a spouse are living in fear because of beliefs it could impact on their ability to remain in the country.

"In recent years, our frontline services assisted in 54 cases where domestic violence was a factor – eight of these cases were in 2013," he said.


Mikhail Gorbachev has announced to the world that he was still alive after hackers broke into a news agency and posted false reports of his death.

"I'm alive and well. I understand some people are trying to use their sites to catch people's attention or are fulfilling the orders of some authority or another," the former Soviet president (82) said in a statement.

Mr Gorbachev is disliked by many ordinary Russians for what they see as his role in the collapse of the Soviet Union, which was followed by economic chaos in the 1990s.


Family members of a teenager who died after being shocked with a Taser by Miami Beach police say he was an artist who wanted to change the world through art.

Israel Hernandez-Llach (18) was found spray-painting a shuttered building early on Tuesday. The teen ran, but was eventually cornered.

Chief Ray Martinez says the teen charged at officers and one shot him with a Taser. Hernandez-Llach went into medical duress and died at a hospital.


A US judge has apologised after jurors complained because she scolded them for delivering a verdict she believed to be wrong.

Ohio Judge Amy Salerno acknowledges she failed to contain her surprise when the jurors issued a not guilty verdict in an assault case.

One juror said she cried after the judge told them they "got this wrong".