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Victim struggling to walk two weeks after pub shooting

One of the three innocent women shot by a brazen hitman is still struggling to walk more than two weeks after the crazed attack.

Sinead Carey (28) was standing alongside Pauline Lynch (34) and Lauren O'Brien (19) outside Hanlon's Pub on the Old Cabra Road in north Dublin when a gunman opened fire earlier this month.

The south Dublin designer, who had been attending a birthday party in the pub, was hit in the thigh along with the two other innocent bystanders when the masked gunman opened fire on his intended victim, convicted drug dealer Greg Lynch on October 13.

While the other two women are recovering well, Sinead spent a week in hospital and is still finding it difficult to walk.

She told friends on Facebook: "Walked a bit today but it's sore again now. I thought it was better coz I got the stitches out but it's not really.

"So just gonna wait for a few days before I do it again."

Greg Lynch (28) was blasted in the face and left in a critical condition. It is understood his jaw was shattered and he may lose an eye.



Gardai said it was a miracle the three women were not killed and that no one else was injured in the botched gangland hit.

The three innocent women were at a 21st birthday party in the pub and had just stepped outside when the gunman struck at around 2.30am.

After shooting Lynch in the face, the masked attacker fired indiscriminately at partygoers as he ran toward to a BMW car which was waiting with a driver on Prussia Street.

Gardai believe those responsible are from a rival drugs gang based in north Dublin but no one has yet been arrested for the second attempt on Lynch's life in less than a year.

A planned hit before last Christmas was foiled by gardai and Lynch had been wearing a bulletproof vest ever since but a bullet lodged in his head in this latest attack.

Lynch is known to gardai as a drug dealer. Originally from the Oliver Bond flats complex, he has been living in the south of the city in recent months.

Lynch was arrested after the seizure of heroin in south Dublin in 2003 and was subsequently convicted in 2004 and jailed for eight years, with two years suspended.