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Victim stable after he's shot twice in head

A MAN is recovering in hospital today after being shot twice in the head at his Dublin home.

Gardai are hunting two men who were behind Tuesday night's attack.

The victim was looking out of his front window to see who was ringing his doorbell when he received two blasts of buckshot from a sawn-off shotgun, which was fired through the window glass.

The victim was peppered with pellets in the forehead but was not seriously injured.

The shooting happened at the front of a house at Drumcairn Avenue in the Fettercairn estate in Tallaght.

The man had been sitting in the front room of his home around 11.45pm on Tuesday.

Two men pulled up on a motorcycle outside the house and the pillion passenger ran to the doorway and rang the bell.

As the victim pulled across the curtains to establish the identity of the caller, the gunman produced the sawn-off shotgun and opened fire.


The gunman and his associate then sped away.

In a follow-up search, gardai recovered the shotgun, motorcycle and two helmets. The keys to the motorcycle were also found nearby.

Meanwhile, the victim was rushed to Tallaght hospital for surgery. His condition is stable.