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Victim of church gun attack 'shot by former pals'


 SHOOTING: The scene of the attack. Photo: Collins

SHOOTING: The scene of the attack. Photo: Collins

SHOOTING: The scene of the attack. Photo: Collins

FORMER criminal associates of church carpark gun victim Michael Frazer are suspected to be behind his shooting.

The Herald has learned that 'Fat' Freddie Thompson could have given permission for a hitman to attempt to murder his close pal after a "deeply personal" dispute broke out within the Thompson mob, sources believe.


Car dealer Frazer (34) is continuing to recover in Tallaght Hospital after he was shot a number of times in a Clondalkin church carpark on Wednesday evening before he fled to the local garda station.

It has emerged that a bitter row involving allegations of an affair with a woman is being investigated as a motive for this latest gangland shooting.

A source explained: "A lot of these fellas have turned on each other over the allegations of an affair. It is something that gardai are aware of and are actively looking at.

"As part of this dispute, it has come out that Freddie may have given the green light for the shooting to happen."

It is understood that an associate of Frazer is being accused of having an affair with the woman, not Frazer himself.

Gardai are also investigating if the gun attack is linked to a row involving some of Frazer's associates in a northside pub on St Patrick's Day in which a major heroin dealer got slashed badly in the face.


The criminal whose face was disfigured in the attack refused to co-operate with gardai in the case after they became aware that he was knifed but it is understood that he vowed revenge on Frazer's associates.

And detectives are also trying to establish whether a notorious assassin took up a contract to murder Frazer as part of one or both of these rows.

This Clondalkin hitman is already the chief suspect in two murders.