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Victim group's anger at bail deal for wife-killer Lillis

A victims' support group has expressed "revulsion" at the release of convicted wife-killer Eamonn Lillis on bail.

Advocates for Victims of Homicide (Advic) have called on the Government to introduce legislation which would prevent convicted criminals having the "luxury of freedom" before receiving sentence.

After a jury found Eamonn Lillis guilty of manslaughter, his defence counsel asked that he be placed on continuing bail to give him a little time to settle his affairs.

These affairs include organising care for his daughter, as well as settling financial matters such as the running of the three homes he owned with his wife.

Annie Mulvaney, Joint Secretary of Advic, argued: "Mr Lillis has had over a year to 'tidy up his affairs' and so it is a travesty to state that he would need an hour, let alone a week, to organise his financial and other related matters.

"The message sent out to the general public is that there is one law for the offender, another for the victim."

Advic believe that a person who has been accused of homicide should be barred from applying for bail pending trial.

Mr Lillis, a TV producer, will find out how much time he will serve tomorrow at 10.30am.