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Victim drove stolen car that mowed down teen

VICTIM Des Kelly had numerous convictions, including driving a stolen BMW which mowed down a 17-year-old girl.

He also had convictions for violent behaviour and had spent time behind bars.

He was a well-known criminal and had just left prison.

According to local sources, he was a member of a family linked to drugs-related crime in the Southill area and two of his brothers had died in tragic circumstances.

The deaths are not being linked to the feud which has broken out in the McCarthy- Dundon gang in the past week.

Kelly served a four-year sentence after he drove a stolen BMW which knocked down and killed Tanya Nunan (17) in Limerick in 2002. He pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving.

The stolen car was being driven at speeds of up to 70mph in the wrong direction along a one-way street, while followed by gardai in an unmarked car.

The victim was walking home with a friend when the car ploughed into them.

The gardai arrested Kelly months after the incident after he had given a false name and address to them.


The court in Limerick was told that Kelly came from a broken home and troubled background.

Tanya’s mother described Kelly as a “remorseless” killer following his conviction.

“Nothing is going to bring Tanya back. He didn't give a damn. He was smirking in the court and he didn't show any remorse,” she said.

Kelly, who originally came from O’Malley Park, was also convicted for a number of robberies and violent assaults.

Kelly (23) and Breda Waters lived in the house at Castle Oaks View where he and Ms Waters were shot.

The couple had started dating recently after Mr Kelly’s ex-partner and three children moved out of the family home.

Ms Waters comes from a large family in the St Mary's Park area of the city. She lived at St Munchin's Court and has three young children.

A local priest said Kelly’s family had suffered tragedy in the past.

“It is also very depressing that this is not the first member of this family to die. I knew other family members, brothers of this man, who are dead,” Southill parish priest Fr Pat Hogan said.