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Vicious criminals who drove brave Collins family out

THE thugs that drove the brave Collins family out fo their home and country.


The 33-year-old criminal from Lenihan Avenue, Limerick, left school at 16 before earning eight criminal convictions in the UK and recorded a further 42 in Ireland after moving back to Limerick.

Among his crimes were threatening to smash a prison officer's face in the public toilets of a Limerick shopping centre. He has also served prison sentences for handling stolen property, dangerous driving offences and assault causing harm.

On December 19, 2004, Wayne's sister, Annabel (14) was refused entrance to Brannigan's bar in Limerick by barman, Ryan Lee.

Wayne cocked his fingers in the shape of a gun, pushed it against Lee's face and warned: 'F**k you, you're dead'. He subsequently received a seven year prison sentence for the threat and was released from prison in 2010.

Less than a fortnight ago he was found guilty of threatening to kill Jimmy Collins Jnr and his brother, Gareth. He is awaiting sentence.


Along with his brother Wayne, John (29) was convicted of threatening to kill gangster's moll April Collins (24) after a dramatic trial in the Special Criminal Court earlier this month.

Evidence was given by April - who was previously in a relationship with Ger Dundon that she looked out of her sitting room door and could see John Dundon through glass panels on the front door shouting: "I know you're in there you tramp, I want to see my nephews. When I get you I am going to f*****g kill you."

Ms Collins said she retired to bed with her children later that night, but woke again at 2am to find John Dundon standing on a shed in her back yard, while another man stood in the garden.

It is the second time that the feared enforcer has been convicted of threats to kill.

In January 2005, he was sentenced to four-and-a-half years for threatening to kill state witness Owen Treacy after a murder trial that saw five McCarthy/Dundon gang members jailed.


It was the break-up of Ger Dundon's eight year relationship with April Collins which has caused a massive implosion in the McCarthy/Dundon mob.

She has three children with Ger (24) but when she dumped him in April, 2010, his brothers Wayne and John threatened to kill her.

Ger is currently serving a five-year jail sentence for violent disorder and is considered the most reckless of the Dundon brothers.

The feared thug has 99 previous convictions including dozens for motoring offences as well as a drug dealing conviction.


Dessie (28) is serving life for the murder of gang leader Kieran Keane in January 2003 - a murder that involved one of the most twisted gangland double crosses ever seen in Ireland.

In a sign that the McCarthy/Dundons were losing their grip on power last May, Dessie was brutally beaten up by another prisoner at the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise.

This would not have been imaginable even a few months earlier.