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Vast five-seat constituency may reflect the mood across whole of Ireland


Alan Farrell looks vulnerable

Alan Farrell looks vulnerable

Alan Farrell looks vulnerable

If there is a mood of change in this election, then the five-seat Dublin Fingal may typify what is happening across the country, with Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein, the Greens and Labour all set to benefit at the expense of Fine Gael, which is clinging on for dear life.

This vast constituency draws in rural north Co Dublin and urban centres such as Swords, Malahide, Donabate and Balbriggan.

Fine Gael is running sitting TD Alan Farrell and senator and former health minister James Reilly, who did not perform well in November's by-election.

However, party figures believe that may have been partly down to Mr Farrell's claim for up to €15,000 for damages and personal injury following a collision in 2015.

Mr Farrell was awarded €2,500 for what was deemed by the court to be a "very minor injury".

The case was raised on doorsteps during the by-election, according to local sources.


Darragh O’Brien

Darragh O’Brien

Darragh O’Brien

Mr Farrell's seat is therefore at risk, with Mr Reilly mounting a serious push in recent weeks, including filming Twitter videos about insurance in Mr Farrell's Malahide base.

He is said to be the favourite of the two if Fine Gael does hold a seat.


The Green Party expects its recently elected TD Joe O'Brien will keep his seat.

Labour will be pushing hard to get Duncan Smith elected after he missed out in the by-election.

Mr Smith, based in Swords, is stepping in for the retiring Brendan Ryan.

Swords is considered more open in this election after the departure of former Independents 4 Change TD Clare Daly to Europe.

Her face features heavily on the election paraphernalia of Fingal councillor Dean Mulligan, who is hoping to win back her seat.

However, Sinn Fein TD Louise O'Reilly, who has been a strong national performer for the party, will hope to hoover up left-wing votes and capitalise on the recent shift to her party.

Fianna Fail's Darragh O'Brien is tipped to top the poll and despite an uneasy relationship between the pair, he will hope his running mate senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee joins him.

She endured a difficult by-election campaign marred by controversy over past posts on Twitter.

However, she performed well in November's poll.

Candidates: Lorraine Clifford-Lee (FF), Darragh O'Brien (FF), Alan Farrell (FG), James Reilly (FG), Louise O'Reilly (SF), Duncan Smith (Lab), Joe O'Brien (GP), Paul Mulville (SocDem), Terry Kelleher (S-PBP), Oghenetano John Uwhumiakpor (S-PBP), Glenn Brady (Ind), Dean Mulligan (Ind4Ch), Tony Murphy (Ind), Alistair Smith (United People), Sandra Sweetman (Ind), Gemma O'Doherty (Ind).

Prediction: Darragh O'Brien, Louise O'Reilly, Joe O'Brien, Duncan Smith, and Dean Mulligan.