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Varadkar warns about Sinn Fein government

HEALTH Minister Leo Varadkar has warned that a government that included Sinn Fein after the next election "may well lead to political instability".

He claimed that Sinn Fein party members "swear blind allegiance and have made worship of the party line in their religion."

"There would be no independent thinking in a Sinn Fein-led government, and not even groupthink," Mr Varadkar said.

"There would just be One thought, one Rule. And that would be the rule of fear. There is no party whip, just chains".

The Minister made the comments at a lunch to the Institute of Directors in Dublin's Intercontinental Hotel, where he was the guest speaker yesterday.

Mr Varadkar also strongly criticised Sinn Fein's ability to govern and work with foreign nations, saying that their foreign policy would "alienate allies."

"I shudder to think about a Sinn Fein foreign policy that would alienate allies, terrify foreign investors, and close off the very markets we have done so much to open", the Minister said.

"Their rigid ideology is all well and good on the back benches , where it can be dismissed, answered or ignored, but not on the world stage", he added.

"We all know that they will never secure an overall majority or anything near it" Minister Varadkar said.


"Instead of producing a programme for government which would provide stability for five years, we would get a programme of self-interest, with policies being traded for votes, and national interest sacrificed for local and selfish concerns," he claimed.

He also spoke about his hope to go ahead with the long awaited opening of the new National Children's Hospital, as well as submitting planning permission for the National Maternity Hospital at St Vincents.