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Varadkar defends Kenny in funds row

FINE Gael TD Leo Varadkar has thrown his weight behind leader Enda Kenny in the row over party fundraisers.

The front-bench spokesperson was speaking in Glenties, Co Donegal, a day after party colleague Lucinda Creighton criticised Fine Gael over what she termed as "cute hoor" politics.

Ms Creighton made it clear she was unhappy at weekend images of Mr Kenny taking part in a golf classic with a property developer whose debt has been transferred to NAMA.

But last night, Mr Varadkar, who survived on the front bench, despite siding with Richard Bruton in the failed leadership heave, staunchly defended the fundraising strategies.

"All Fine Gael fundraisers are fully within the spirit and the letter of the law," he told the MacGill Summer School.

He added that being associated with NAMA was not a crime.

"Just because somebody is associated with NAMA doesn't mean they are some kind of criminal," he said.

He said it was high time the Government published the advice that it received on NAMA in same way as they had published the advice they were given on the guarantee.

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