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Vandalised free bike is 'exception rather than the rule'

DAMAGE to the Dublin bikes scheme has been far lower than expected, Dublin City Council have said.

Our picture shows one such damaged bike at the Talbot Street Station -- but the local authority insists that any damage to the scheme has been minimal thanks to them learning from the mistakes of others.

The shared bicycle scheme has defied all expectations in that only a small number of bikes have been damaged and only two stolen.

A spokesperson for Dublin City Council said that even throughout the recent cold snap "the extent of the damage was minor" and that only occasionally did the bikes get punctures or baskets or tyres damaged. There has been "a bit of graffiti done to the public bicycles however it is easily wiped off".

"There is no specific number of recorded damage or wear and tear to the bikes but it has been incredibly low. It is much less of a problem that we expected," Councillor Andrew Montague told the Herald.


Cllr Montague said that although two bicycles had been stolen since the scheme was first initiated, both were recovered. In one incident, a thief brought the stolen bicycle to a bike shop and asked for the mudguards with the Dublin City Council logo on them to be removed. The bike shop notified the council and they were able to recover the stolen property.

The lack of vandalism and theft to the public cycles is attributed to the fact that the Dublin scheme studied the mistakes of other cities.

When the scheme was first introduced in Paris there was a high level of bicycle thefts due to flashing bicycles posts which highlighted which bikes had been selected by a user so thieves were able to grab the bikes before the person subscribing got to remove their bike. There are no such flashing lights used here.