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Vampire's flying visit for special reunion

VAMPIRE fans are gathering for a special reunion near Dublin. But you won't find any Twilight aficionados in the Baldonnel hangars.

Instead, fighter pilots and engineers who flew and serviced Ireland's first jets -- six DeHavilland Vampire T55s -- will reminisce about the glory days of jets in the Air Corps.

And to help them remember, CityJet is sponsoring a civilian owned Vampire to fly into Casement Aerodrome for the day on June 3.

Geoffrey O'Byrne White, the airline's chief executive, said: "As an Irish airline we're very proud of our national Air Corps and the role they play."

The six jets served with the Air Corps Fighter Squadron from 1956 and were retired in 1975. One of the Vampires made Irish aviation history when a student ejected from it and landed in Co Cavan after a mid- air emergency.