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UTV says it's second most-watched channel at peak time

UTV Ireland has released its first batch of figures which, it claims, make it the second most-watched channel in the country at peak time.

Peak time is between 6pm and 11.29pm and UTV Ireland held a 7.2pc share of the viewers in January -ahead of both RTE2 and TV3.

Given their popularity, the two top programmes on UTV Ireland are UK soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale, which have commanded huge figures at their new home.

UTV Ireland's top rated programme in January was Coronation Street with its top episode securing 597,000 viewers.

In comparison, three out of TV3's five most-watched shows in January were home-produced programmes.


Red Rock had a viewership of 323,000, News at 5.30 had 226,900 people tuning in and The Restaurant had 196,900. viewers.

Meanwhile, more than three million people have tuned in to UTV Ireland since it launched on New Year's Day and more than 1.5m viewers have watched Ireland Live News throughout January.

UTV's plans for the coming months include the launch of a new news and current affairs show for Pat Kenny (inset) which is expected to start at the end of April.