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US set up Ebola bases in Spain

Spain has agreed to allow the US to use two military bases in the southwest of the country to support its efforts to combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

A Defence Ministry statement said the deal permits US armed forces to use the air base at Moron de la Frontera, near Seville, and the naval station at Rota on Spain's Atlantic coast to transport personnel and materials to and from Africa.

The agreement would also permit U.S. forces to use the bases against IS militants.

Bomb attack kills 7 soldiers

A roadside bomb in Egypt's restive northern Sinai province hit an army vehicle, killing seven troops including two officers and seriously wounding six others, officials said.

The explosion ripped through the armoured vehicle traveling south of el- Arish, the provincial capital, as it headed to a natural gas pumping station to comb it for suspected militant activities, the officials said.

Swedes search for mini-sub

Swedish military have continued to search for evidence of suspected undersea activity in its waters amid reports of a suspected Russian intrusion.

The Swedes had picked up an emergency message suggesting a Russian mini-submarine had run into trouble in Swedish waters.

Anders Nordin, from the Swedish Maritime Administration, said a Russian- owned oil tanker, which had reportedly been circling near Swedish waters for days, turned yesterday and sailed to the north-east.

Deadly spider in groceries

A shopper got a deadly surprise when he opened his shopping and found a poisonous spider hiding among his bananas.

The Brazilian Wandering Spider, whose venom can cause a lingering death from paralysis, was delivered with the online Waitrose shopping to a home in south London.

It also had an egg sac pulsing with thousands of babies.

The customer, whose name was only given as Timy, tried to trap the six-inch-wide spider which tore its own leg off to escape.