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US 'ready for Mrs President'

Sarah Palin has told a business forum that the United States is due for a female president.

The 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee said earlier this month that she would not run for the White House in 2012.

She told the World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea, that there "will be a woman president of the United States of America, and I look forward to that day".

But the former Alaska governor offered no clues about her political future and did not discuss why she bowed out of a presidential bid next year.

Explosion at market stall

Three people were taken to hospital with burns after an explosion at a market stall during a food festival.

A 38-year-old man received burns to his hands, legs and face after a gas cylinder exploded in Albert Square in Manchester city centre.

Two other people were also taken to hospital with less serious injuries to their arms and legs,.

The incident happened at around 8.45pm yesterday during the annual Manchester Food and Drink Festival.

Stock exchange in NY 'hacked'

The New York Stock Exchange's website was apparently put out of action twice, possibly by computer attacks as part of the anti-Wall Street protests, according to a company that monitors website response times.

San Mateo-based Keynote Systems said the NYSE website experienced a one-minute outage at around 3.30pm, then a half-hour cut about two hours later. But NYSE spokesman Ray Pellecchia said an investigation by the stock exchange showed no disruptions to its website.

Keynote spokesman Dan Berkowitz said his firm began monitoring the NYSE site after receiving media inquiries about the threats.

Chavez to take

new cancer test

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez says he will return to Cuba next week to undergo a series of medical tests to evaluate his cancer treatment.

"I'll be in Cuba because they have to conduct very rigorous examinations that are possible thanks to Cuban technology," Mr Chavez said. The president had chemotherapy in Cuba after surgery there in June to remove a tumour from his pelvic region.