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US fears new al-Qa'ida ranks

AL-Qa'ida is rebuilding in Iraq and has set up training camps for insurgents in the western deserts as the extremist group seizes on regional instability and government security failures, officials say.

Iraq has seen a jump in al-Qa'ida attacks over the last 10 weeks, after the US military withdrawal last December.

But now, Iraqi and US officials say the group has more than doubled in numbers from a year ago -- from about 1,000 to 2,500 fighters -- and it is carrying out an average of 140 attacks each week across Iraq, up from 75 attacks each week earlier this year, according to Pentagon data.

Niall and 1D in Pepsi ad deal

NIALL Horan and One Direction are to star in a US Pepsi ad.

The soda company is partnering with the boy band and National Football League star Drew Brees for an ad which airs this week.

The clip shows One Direction and Brees in a competition for a can of Pepsi.

It is part of Pepsi's Live for Now campaign, which has also featured Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry.